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Person laying on the Birdly simulator with visuals shown on TV in background.

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Motionsim VR
Motionsim VR

Man wearing virtual reality headset seated in car-shaped Motionsim VR simulator from CKAS

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Seattle skyline
Seattle skyline

The Seattle skyline during a clear day.

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Person laying on the Birdly simulator with visuals shown on TV in background.

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Affordable access to immersive and
highly realistic VR motion simulator experiences

For decades, airlines, shipping companies, railroads, the military, and even professional race-car teams have used advanced simulators to train their pilots. Today the simulation community is thriving more than ever, but these professional-level simulations have remained mostly unavailable to the general public.


Rather than having to invest exorbitant amounts of your hard-earned money to build these devices for yourself or rent time at professional training centers, you can use the same simulators at NEXODUS for a fraction of the cost; about the same as dinner, and a movie!


We truly believe that the best experiences involve as many of your senses as possible! At NEXODUS we focus on providing an affordable way to operate some of the most advanced simulation devices available. Here, you won't just see and hear the simulations, you'll FEEL THEM too! Motion and other sensory devices are integrated with many of our simulators to bring you as close to "being there" as technology today allows. ​Nowhere else can you experience the level of immersion and depth that we provide.


Our customers are anyone at least 13 years of age who enjoy a wide variety of games and simulations involving car racing, aviation, space flight, first-person shooters, exploration and virtual reality using systems like PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift! 


“Hard core” aviation and automotive enthusiasts will also find a home at NEXODUS. Our advanced vehicle simulators allow you to improve your skills through a more structured and educational approach, where we provide you with the opportunity and guidance to operate these machines in a manner very similar to how professional drivers and pilots do!

We realize that some of these experiences can be extreme, and you may need a small break after a bit, so head over to our Cantina where FREE soft drinks are provided to all customers! We also offer snack-food items (pizza, wings, nachos, etc) to satisfy your cravings.

Hosting a special event? No problem! Rent our entire center as long as you like for your group of between 10 and 80 people! Flat-rate pricing provides you with UNLIMITED usage of ALL equipment, uninterrupted. Perfect for companies, private parties, receptions, and meet-up groups!


At NEXODUS, our simulators can quickly and easily be networked in a multiplayer environment, allowing up to 8 friends to play together! Not sure if you're ready to participate yet, but still want to have a blast watching your friends get tossed around? Large flat-screen OLED TVs are located above all of our devices, allowing you to see what the rider is seeing, but from the safety and comfort of an "innocent bystander".

So come eat, play, and socialize at NEXODUS Virtual Reality Simulators!

*Synergyne, Inc is in no way affiliated with HTC (Vive), Facebook / Oculus (Rift), Sony (Playstation VR), The Fighter Collection (DCS World), Frontier Developments (Elite: Dangerous), CCP Games (EVE: Valkyrie), Bandai Namco Entertainment (Project Cars), Ole Lange (No Limits Coaster), SOMNIACS (Birdly), British Airways (747 simulator), CKAS (MotionSim VR), MMOne Company (MMOne), Virtuix (Omni) or any of their affiliates or subsidiaries. Imagery and names used on this site are solely for informational purposes regarding the equipment planned to be deployed in our entertainment centers, and does not represent an endorsement from or partnership with any of above named entities.

Kevin Stoffel

President & CEO

Kevin Stoffel is a student pilot, software engineer, and
simulation aficionado, with a background in sales, marketing, and management.

Jason P. Cates

Chief Operations Officer

Jason Cates is an experienced audio-visual guru with an operations background, including personnel  management, scheduling, and auditing.

Michael Cagle

Advisor / Event Manager

Michael Cagle has two degrees in theater, experience in event planning, conflict resolution,
and sales, and has managed numerous large-scale productions.